Michigan STEM Partnership Invites STEM Stakeholder Ad Hoc Membership in Work Committees and Task Force Groups

To increase STEM awareness, engagement and effectiveness statewide, the Michigan STEM Partnership is inviting individuals from education, business, government and non-profits to participate in Work Committees and/or Task Force Groups that match their areas of interest

MI STEM Partnership logoLANSING – January 8, 2017 – The Michigan STEM Partnership, a statewide non-profit organization, is extending an invitation to STEM stakeholders statewide, including those from: education, business, government, and non-profits, to participate in the organization’s designated Work Committees and Task Force Groups in order to enable a broader voice in the policies and initiatives of the state’s leading STEM organization.

Individuals may opt to participate in the following standing Work Committees and/or purpose-specific Task Force Groups:

  • Communications Committee
  • Strategic Directions Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Fundraising Task Force
  • Planning Grant Task Force
  • Professional Development Grant Task Force
  • Grant Application Task Force
  • Corporate Partnership Program Planning Task Force

Details about the objectives of the Work Committees and Task Force Groups, as well as an Application to Participate, can be found on the Michigan STEM Partnership website at http://MISTEMPartnership.com/StakeholderParticipation. Those applying will also need to submit a resume according to the instructions on the Application form.

All ‘Applications to Participate’ will be reviewed by the Board’s Executive Committee, as well as the leadership of each Work Committee and/or Task Force Group that has been applied for. Applicants will be contacted by a representative of the MI STEM Partnership in order to ask have their questions answered and to learn more about the Partnership and these participation opportunities.

According to MI STEM Partnership Executive Director Gary Farina, “The Partnership wants to ensure that it is an inclusive organization representing the needs of all stakeholder groups having an interest in the growth of STEM throughout Michigan. Our Board of Directors believes that opening up membership in these Work Committees and Task Force Groups to individuals outside of the statewide Board of Directors will allow us to obtain wider input from a broad range of perspectives that will enable us to better serve the STEM-related needs of the residents of the State of Michigan.”