Michigan STEM Partnership Intends to Become Principal Resource for STEM Education in State, Launches New Digital Hub

Statewide STEM leadership non-profit launches resource and efforts to facilitate growth of STEM in Michigan and enable increased awareness of workforce opportunities in STEM fields

mi-stem-partnership-logoThe Michigan STEM Partnership, a statewide non-profit organization, has launched a new digital resource hub and expanded business sector representation on its board in an effort to become the primary contributor to the growth and development of STEM Education in the state.

At a time where only 37 percent of Michigan high school juniors were rated “college ready” in math by the SAT college admission test, the Michigan STEM Partnership has launched its new digital hub, mistempartnership.com, to become the principal source on STEM resources for employers, educators, students, parents and professional organizations. The organization’s broad actions will include, but not be limited to, conducting primary research, offering information on grant opportunities, connecting stakeholders, and providing an online resource for STEM information required by the various stakeholders.

“The opportunity STEM provides the state’s economy is incredible,” said Gary Farina, Executive Director, Michigan STEM Partnership. “While we strive to influence students’ career decisions as they prepare for their future, we know we can also help businesses, educators and current professionals grow by making STEM resources available.”

The new digital hub provides stakeholders access to various STEM resources and information, including:

  • Local, state and national STEM events
  • Engagement opportunities with the STEM community through social media, events, surveys, blog and news archives
  • STEM research data
  • Primary research

In addition to the organization’s digital hub, efforts are in place to develop a regional structure for the organization to more efficiently tackle localized STEM needs.   The Michigan STEM Partnership is aligning its regional structure with the state’s designated Prosperity Regions. The Prosperity Region Structure enables direct engagement with stakeholders for the dissemination of programs and resources at the regional and local level. Through this structure, the Partnership is able to connect schools and teachers with STEM providers and partners to support talent development and K-12 STEM education programs throughout Michigan.

The Michigan STEM Partnership maintains connections with local, regional and national STEM organizations as well as business/industry and other stakeholders to facilitate awareness and sharing of best practices, analysis, information distribution and provision of quality STEM education tools to grow tomorrow’s innovators. These efforts will also result in creating a quality STEM education culture across the Midwest region of the U.S.

In the future, the Michigan STEM Partnership looks to expand its capabilities by offering grant opportunities, among other actions.